Admission Requirements

To enrol in the institute applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

Admission Requirements


A high school certificate or equivalent.


A two-hour written test and ten-minute oral interview at the beginning of the semester before the courses commence.


There will be an opportunity for applicants who do not meet requirement 1 to register in some courses. This will apply to resident workers in Oman, especially in the eastern province, under conventions signed with their companies.


Registration is open to both individuals and groups from academic and non-academic institutions under conventions signed with those institutions.


A written commitment must be made to attend classes regularly.

Admission Requirements, Admission Requirements

alwasil language inistitute

Admission Requirements, Admission Requirements
Al Wasil Language Institute aims to become a distinguished national and a regional centre for the instruction of Arabic. The institute will also contribute to the teaching of Arabic to academic, diplomatic, military, medical and media specialists, among others, who reside in the Sultanate or in other countries.


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