Arabic language Classes institute, Aims


General Aims
  1. To meet the needs of increasing numbers of non-Arabic speakers wishing to learn Arabic and to target students who apply for Arabic as a Foreign Language programs in international universities, as well as those who wish to stay in an Arab country for a period of time.
  2. To meet the needs of those who wish to learn Arabic for specific purposes, including academic, diplomatic, military, medical, media and other professions in the public and private sectors, who reside in the Sultanate or in other Arab countries. Courses will be tailored to suit student needs, thus enhancing their communicative and linguistic skills, and better meeting their needs and responding to their professional areas of interest.
  3. To provide Arabic-language courses to non-native speakers in a motivating linguistic environment that allows them to better communicate in their daily lives by learning not only the language but also about Arabic culture.
  4. To contribute to the spread of Arabic and highlight its place as a global language to strengthen connections between Arab and the other cultures.
  5. To organise courses that teach the four developmental skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) to internationally accredited standards, and sub-skills (vocabulary and basic grammar) to consolidate their knowledge.
  6. To provide programs for both learning and practice through modern interactive teaching methods and lively linguistic trends related to teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.
  7. To provide interest in modern Arabic and its formal standards that highlight the active functional role it plays.
  8. To provide students with concepts and definitions to understand texts and achieve better oral communication.
  9. To connect with other centres, institutes and institutions that teach Arabic to non-native speakers in Oman in order to cooperate and exchange experiences and study the possibility of realising common programs.
Specific Aims
  1. To contribute to the development of the local community and create new income by providing for students’ daily needs, including accommodation and transport etc., which will positively impact on the area.
  2. To hold courses and workshops for Arabic-language specialists living in the area and those in the local community who wish to teach Arabic to non-native speakers, and to support them to gain educational qualifications, thus increasing job opportunities.
  3. To introduce a new tourism option: educational tourism combined with cultural tourism.
  4. To enhance cultural connections and dialogue between native Arabic speakers and speakers of other languages through a ‘Language Partnership program’.

alwasil language inistitute

Arabic language Classes institute, Aims
Al Wasil Language Institute aims to become a distinguished national and a regional centre for the instruction of Arabic. The institute will also contribute to the teaching of Arabic to academic, diplomatic, military, medical and media specialists, among others, who reside in the Sultanate or in other countries.


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