Learn Arabic in Arabia, Rationale


The rationale for establishing Al Wasil Language Institute can be summarised as follows:

  1. Increasing demand from non-native speakers to learn Arabic either for professional purposes, including jobs in diplomacy, the oil industry, medicine and academia among others, or as a means of communication.
  2. The need for a teaching institute in Bidiyyah (the Governorate of Ash Sharqiyyah North) and in the other governorates of Oman. Bidiyyah was selected for its popularity as a major tourist attraction that offers a rich heritage as well as beautiful scenery and interesting places, thus potentially combining learning with cultural experiences.
  3. The institute will offer courses that meet students’ needs and that will develop their linguistic skills in an appropriate Arabic-language environment with the aim of spreading the language and culture, and teaching its cognitive, cultural and heritage features.
  4. The institute will provide Arabic courses to non-Arab residents in the Sultanate to assist with cultural familiarisation within the Omani community and easy integration into society.

alwasil language inistitute

Learn Arabic in Arabia, Rationale
Al Wasil Language Institute aims to become a distinguished national and a regional centre for the instruction of Arabic. The institute will also contribute to the teaching of Arabic to academic, diplomatic, military, medical and media specialists, among others, who reside in the Sultanate or in other countries.


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