Here you can find targeted groups for courses provided by the institute.

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Learn Arabic Faster Oman, Students

Targeted Groups

  1. International students who wish to learn Arabic as a foreign language and travel to Oman specifically for this purpose.
  2. International students who apply to Omani universities to pursue higher studies.
  3. International students who are registered at a university in their country of origin but travel to Oman to spend time in an Omani university.
  4. International students who are registered in a university in their own country who wish to spend a limited time in an Arab country to learn Arabic.
  5. Arab students registered in an Omani university who know little or no Arabic as a result of previously living or studying in a non-Arab-speaking country.
  6. Non-Arab diplomats who live in the Sultanate or those who come to specifically learn Arabic.
  7. Audio-visual or written mass-media journalists who edit or publish in Arabic, including those who live in the Sultanate of Oman or elsewhere.
  8. Foreign workers in public or private sectors who wish to learn Arabic to better communicate and integrate within the local community or for professional purposes.
  9. Academic researchers who live in Oman or come for scientific research purposes.

alwasil language inistitute

Learn Arabic Faster Oman, Students
Al Wasil Language Institute aims to become a distinguished national and a regional centre for the instruction of Arabic. The institute will also contribute to the teaching of Arabic to academic, diplomatic, military, medical and media specialists, among others, who reside in the Sultanate or in other countries.


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